Through two projects that encompass a range of research-for-development and capacity-building initiatives, the IndoBeef program aims to significantly improve beef production and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across five provinces in Indonesia.



Increasing adoption of proven technologies that improve productivity in crop-livestock systems in new regions.

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By integrating cattle farming with established palm plantations, we can improve the profitability, productivity and livelihoods of farmers.

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PalmCow business model mapping in East Kalimantan

Dr Suci Wulandari (a scientist with ICERD and Indonesian coordinator of socio-economics and gender research in PalmCow) summarises business model mapping research completed in East Kalimantan in April-May 2019.

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PalmCow animal production team supporting farmers in Tapung, Riau

The PalmCow animal production team is collaborating with the Gading Jaya farmer group in the Tapung sub-district, Kampar district, Riau. Dr Yeni Widiawati, PalmCow project leader and animal production team leader, and an animal nutrition specialist based at IRIAP, provides a summary of the team’s monitoring activity at this site in May 2019.

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Household survey training and preparation activities in South Kalimantan

Professor Rene Villano from the University of New England visited Indonesia in June 2019 to discuss socioeconomic activities in both CropCow and PalmCow, and participate in the first training sessions in household survey data collection, with enumerators in South Kalimantan and colleagues from BPTP-KalSel.

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CropCow Household survey data collection

July 2019

CropCow Animal Production Team coordination Meeting

Early August 2019 - details TBA.