By building on existing practices, processes, tools and technologies applicable to smallholder cattle management systems, IndoBeef will seek to improve the supply of beef by increasing cattle numbers and slaughter weights in crop- and palm-based farming systems.

In CropCow, animal production research builds on an extensive history of ACIAR-funded animal production and nutrition research in eastern Indonesia, with a range of technologies proven to improve the productivity and profitability of smallholder beef businesses already available.

These technologies include the ‘Integrated Village Management System’ (IVMS) and cut-and-carry animal feeding strategies based on forage tree legumes such as leucaena and sesbania. Hence in Lombok and Sumbawa, CropCow’s animal production activities will focus primarily on supporting the project’s adoption and scaling out research using those proven technologies.

In KalSel however, there is little experience in the use of forages for feeding cattle. Research in this province will involve participatory evaluation of local and introduced forages and crop by-products at village research sites.

In PalmCow, animal production research will answer key research questions relating to palm production, feeding, breeding, and husbandry of both Indonesian and imported cattle. It will develop new approaches to the integration of oil palm and cattle enterprises that are viable for widespread smallholder adoption. The project will test these approaches as self-contained business models, communicating the results to government, industry and the financial sector.

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