IndoBeef will incorporate recent best practice in gender inclusion and women’s empowerment. As women are actively involved in raising livestock and managing household finances in Indonesia, the issue of gender is one of economic imperative as well as equality.

Through our research, we will develop a thorough understanding of women’s roles, decision-making and labour as it relates to integrated cattle-farming systems, and the maintenance of household livelihoods.

Evidence has shown that gender gaps exist in financial literacy levels amongst smallholder farmers. Research undertaken in Ghana by UNE researchers provides very clear evidence that a combination of training in financial literacy and women’s empowerment significantly improves the livelihoods of rural households (Koomson, Villano and Hadley, 2018).

This research demonstrates that incorporating women’s empowerment into financial literacy training optimises the impact of the training on household welfare. Hence, if IndoBeef is to achieve its planned outcomes, empowering women participants across all levels of the program will be critical.

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