CropCow NTB situation assessment

In July and August, members of the CropCow research team visited Lombok and Sumbawa to gather information to help select research and scaling out sites across NTB.

The key objective of this field trip was to review previous ACIAR-funded project sites (villages) in NTB that have been pilot sites for scaling out of beef production innovation, as well as the institutional structures that support scaling out.

The assessment focused on adoption processes, farmers’ adoption rates, and characterised the various pathways of adoption used. The team were particularly interested in why there were differences in adoption across various sites, and what comprised a ‘proven intervention’ in terms of sustainable and positive change.

The CropCow scaling out team plans to conduct a similar field visit to Sumbawa to assess the potential for scaling out, and to compare and contrast this with the situation in NTB to allow flexible adoption and scaling out models to be developed and implemented.

This visit will also help to inform the final selection of field sites across NTB.

Julian Prior (UNE) with meeting attendees