Introducing Thaw Ni Ni Zaw

Ms Thaw Ni Ni Zaw recently joined the University of New England’s CropCow team to contribute to scaling research activity.

Thaw Ni is from Myanmar, and grew up in the country’s dry zone region near the city of Mandalay.

Thaw Ni is passionate about agriculture, and her academic background includes an Bachelors degree in Agriculture and a Masters degree in Horticulture, which she completed in 2015 through Yezin Agricultural University. Her Masters thesis focused on harvesting, consumption and utilisation of traditional wild vegetables amongst isolated ethnic groups in mountainous areas of Myanmar.

After graduating, Thaw Ni worked in horticultural research with the Korea International Cooperation Agency, and since 2016 has been involved with the ACIAR-funded and UNE-implemented project Strengthening institutional capacity, extension services and rural livelihoods in Myanmar as a Research Associate and Senior Research Associate. Later, she took on the role of Project Coordinator on UNE-funded research in Myanmar.

Her work on this project included: institutional analysis of agricultural extension services; capacity building and training (using Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques); innovative extension practice; farmer livelihoods analysis; gender analysis; farming systems analysis; and farmer group social capital analysis.

Thaw Ni therefore brings considerable relevant experience to the CropCow scaling team. In early September, Thaw Ni traveled to Lombok and Sumbawa with scaling research activity coordinator, Associate Professor Julian Prior, to participate in Field Officer training in scaling research techniques.

Over the next few months, Thaw Ni will work closely with her Indonesian counterparts including Professor Dahlanuddin, Dr Nurul Hilmiati and Dr Tanda Panjaitan, as well as Field Officers and local research team members, to continue to make progress towards CropCow scaling outcomes.