IndoBeef presentation at Makassar Cattle Sector Roundtable

IndoBeef Program Officer, Ms Febrina Prameswari, and ACIAR Country Manager, Ms Mirah Nuryati, represented IndoBeef at a Cattle Sector Roundtable discussion, held in Rumah Jabatan Gubernur Sulawesi Selatan, Makassar, on 15th May 2019.

The Roundtable was co-organised by the South Sulawesi Provincial Government (Pemprov), and the Australian Consulate General in Makassar. The purpose of the Roundtable was to share lessons learned from current and previous Australian Government-funded cattle production projects.

The IndoBeef team were invited to present by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), along with representatives of a variety of other DFAT-funded initiatives and projects, and government departments. These included:

  • The Australian Embassy, Jakarta.

  • The Australian Consulate General, Makassar.

  • DFAT.

  • The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

  • The Red Meat and Cattle Partnership.

  • Austrade.

  • The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board.

  • The Indonesia-Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding Program.

  • The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Incomes through Support for Markets in Agriculture.

Attendees from Pemprov included staff from the Governor’s office and Dinas Peternakan, as well as representatives from provincial universities and private feed companies.

Mirah gave a summary presentation to the audience of the outcomes of earlier successful ACIAR-funded beef industry projects in Indonesia, which have heavily informed the objectives of the IndoBeef program. These projects included the ‘Integrated Village Management System’ (IVMS; AS2/2000/103); ‘Tarramba Leucaena Management in West Timor’ (AS/2000/157); ‘Straw-Cow, improving breeding with focused nutrition’ (LPS/2008/038); ‘Fattening with Forage Tree Legumes’ (LPS/2008/054); and ‘More Beef – Profitable Feeding Strategies’ (LPS/2013/021). 

Following Mirah’s presentation, Febrina discussed the goal of the IndoBeef program, in building upon this history of success. IndoBeef seeks further improvements in beef supply and livelihoods of smallholders and other value chain participants, by enabling adoption of proven successful interventions. Febrina also provided a summary of the aims, objectives and provincial locations of the CropCow and PalmCow projects. A progress update was presented to the audience, focusing on stakeholder consultation, site selection, workplan development, linkages with other initiatives, and development of digital data collection.

The audience showed a high level of interest in the IndoBeef program, particularly those audience members from Local Government representing a number of districts across South Sulawesi, and representatives of local universities. They were particularly interested in receiving progress updates and reports.

Febrina commented that “IndoBeef participation in provincial and Australian Embassy events such as this Roundtable is important as it fosters communication across and between the various Australian-funded beef industry projects in Indonesia. Opportunities for cross-project collaboration or coordination may be identified and explored through regular attendance and project updates at group events.”

As Febrina also noted, “participation ensures that IndoBeef progress and objectives continue to be recognised by and promoted to end-users of the research and scaling activities, including provincial government across Indonesia, industry, smallholders, and Indonesian universities.”

The Australian Embassy, through the Indonesia Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector is now planning a scoping mission to South Sulawesi, including both Indonesian and Australian experts. The goal is to assess the potential in this province to increase cattle production, possibly utilising approaches and interventions developed and successfully adopted through IndoBeef and other related projects.

Ms Febrina Prameswari, IndoBeef Program Officer, presents key objectives and progress of the IndoBeef program to Roundtable participants.

Ms Febrina Prameswari, IndoBeef Program Officer, presents key objectives and progress of the IndoBeef program to Roundtable participants.