Household survey training and preparation activities in South Kalimantan

Over the last few months, the IndoBeef socioeconomics team have been preparing for household survey data collection, including designing and finalising the survey instrument, importing the final survey instrument into CommCare, pilot the CommCare forms to discover and remove any issues that may cause problems during data collection.

Prior to attending a training session in household survey data collection using CommCare in KalSel, Professor Rene Villano met with Dr Atien Priyanti and colleagues from ICARD to discuss socioeconomic activities and objectives in both IndoBeef projects, and plan next steps.

On June 17th and 18th, Professor Villano traveled to KalSel to work with colleagues from BPTP-KalSel, as well as IndoBeef project officer and data collection team member Febrina Prameswari, to train 12 local enumerators in survey data collection.


The objectives of the training were:

  • to familiarise enumerators with the CommCare data collection system, especially relating to conducting the household survey;

  • to provide enumerators with background on the household survey, and familiarise them with the survey instrument;

  • to practice and workshop the use of CommCare apps; and

  • to provide feedback to the socioeconomics team to allow any final refinement of the survey instrument, working with the Oikoi CommCare development team.

Household survey enumerators in KalSel will include a mixture of research team members from BPTP-KalSel and ULM, the local Field Officer, and local undergraduate students.

All participants in the training were given the opportunity to test the survey apps, ask questions and clarify issues, and discuss the enumeration approach amongst themselves.

The second afternoon of the session included a planning meeting for implementation of the first household survey, including clarification of sampling methods and survey sites (facilitated by Dr Ika Sumantri, ULM; and Dr Eni Siti Rohaeni, BPTP-KalSel).

At the time of writing, household survey activities had been progressed considerably by enumerators in the Tanah Laut district. The team had completed the first household survey in the villages of Pulosari, Durian Bungkuk and Kuringkit, for a total of 155 household survey respondents.  They were on track to complete household surveys in other CropCow sites in KalSel in July.