PalmCow animal production team supporting farmers in Tapung, Riau

Assessment of the Gading Jaya group’s available Brahman cross cattle by members of the PalmCow animal production team revealed that they had a relatively low body condition score (BCS). BCS is a visual assessment of the amount of fat and muscle covering the bones of a cow, regardless of body size.

However, this finding is not unusual for cattle integrated into oil palm production systems.

Discussions between the animal production team and the farmer group identified that the low BCS has had a negative influence on cattle reproduction for the group. Furthermore, this has directly impacted on the profitability of their cattle operation.

This constraint is one of those that needs to be addressed by PalmCow research activities, to develop strategies for improving beef cattle productivity and profitability in association with oil palm systems. 

The PalmCow animal production team will continue to work hard, and directly with smallholder farmers such as those within the Gading Jaya farmer group, to achieve just that.