PalmCow business model mapping in East Kalimantan

Engagement of the cattle and palm stakeholders, and demonstrating viable business models which benefit both cattle and palm enterprises, are central to PalmCow’s research strategy and outcomes. As a first step towards achieving this objective, members of the PalmCow socioeconomics research team have completed mapping of existing business models in late April and early May, 2019. This activity involved livestock groups (KT Sumber Makmur, KT Gemah Ripah, KT Mekar Jaya, and KT Karya Mandiri) in the area of North Penajam Paser Regency and Paser Regency, East Kalimantan.

The purpose of business models mapping is to deepen and broaden the knowledge about components of a business model which describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. The Business Model Canvas template is used is used to analyse content from interviews of respondents and observations.  It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm’s or product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.  The importance of this activity is in improving the functionality and economy of the business models, and in discovering and developing competitive advantage, which can be identified by the business unit themselves. It is a strategic approach to developing new or strengthening existing business models.